There is a lovely element of happenstance in Dance.  In fact, the sculpture was born out of working with the given.  I was picking up the sculpture “Flight”  from the welding shop; there on the shop floor, as if it belonged, were the negative shapes from that sculpture, cut, ready.  I secured the two pieces, had them welded together, made adjustments, added copper, played with stones and strung piano wires.  The end result is both lyrical and stately.  Looked at from different angles, the pieces harkens to the human form—tall, thin, with elegant, dynamic lines that suggest the movement of a dance.


The materials are aluminum blasted with glass beads; copper burnished in fire and coated; solid brass (not plated); piano wires (copper and steel); nylon (washers); and stones.  The spacer plate between the copper and aluminum is 1/8” thick plexiglass.  Over a period of time the copper will gain a weathered patina.  The piano wires are steel sheathed in copper.  The adhesive is Power Grab ‘N Go by C-Tek in the UK, a heavy-duty construction fixative amenable to extreme weather.   To avoid corrosion and degradation over time, at no point are different types of metal in contact with each other, apart from a type of stainless steel rod that does not cause corrosion in other metals.  These rods, to which the piano wires are fastened, are inserted through the aluminum.   The stones were collected at the shore of Lake Ontario.




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