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Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show, Philadelphia, PA

Posted by on Jun 13, 2018 in Itinerary |

Founded by artists in 1928, and run by a committee of artists today, the Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show is the oldest outdoor art show in the country. Steeped in rich history and tradition, there is absolutely no other show like it.  Twice a year, professional artists from across the nation, and sometimes further, come together to share their art in the heart of Philadelphia right here in Rittenhouse Square.  For those that have walked this show, you understand the unique combination of the grassy shaded park hugged by concrete on all sides.  The artwork beckons all that walk by, the color breathing life into the city during these two long-awaited events each spring and fall.   I am thrilled to again be part of both the June and September Rittenhouse Fine Art Shows.  For the June 7-9 show, I’m at Booth 53. I look forward to seeing you...

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Uptown Art Fair, Minneapolis

Posted by on Jun 27, 2018 in Itinerary |

Can’t wait to join 350 other artists at the prestigious Uptown Art Fair in Minneapolis, Minnesota!  I love the community-based nature of this terrific show.  Do come and see me there at Booth 2109; I’d love to show you my newest work.

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Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show—September

Posted by on Apr 5, 2017 in Itinerary |

Once again, I am looking forward to the September Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show, on Rittenhouse Square in the beautiful old section of Philadelphia.  I look forward to seeing dear friends and meeting new ones, and showing new work!  

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Lawrence Park Community Church, Toronto

Posted by on Oct 13, 2019 in Itinerary |

After a wonderful summer on the road at inspiring art shows across the United States, I’m looking forward to holding my final show of the 2019 season at Lawrence Park Community Church.  It feels like coming back home—I look forward to meeting up with old and new friends alike!

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Geneva Fine Arts Fair

Posted by on May 6, 2019 in Itinerary |

I am excited to present my work in Geneva, near Chicago, a place so supportive of my work.  The Geneva Arts Fair was ranked #6 by ArtsFairCalendar in 2018.  I am honoured to be there—do come and see my work!

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